Wallet Guide

There are several types of wallets that can be used for CryptoCurrency.
Wait, what's a wallet?
It's the digital equivalent to what's in your pocket, purse or bag. Here's a few of the common wallets
These are "Website Wallets", such as Coinbase, Blockchain, etc. These are online services which hold your crytpo, maintain control of it and allow you to transfer or most usually, trade it for other crypto or fiat currency. Most common are the desktop wallets in which a user will download software which stores the keys and allows to send/receive. You are in control of your wallet, but if you lose the files, you lose the coins. Everyone has a phone these days right? Why not tie one more valuable asset to that little device! With apps like Atomic, Metamask and others you can send/receive currency all from the palm of your hand!